Employer: Livadeia Municipality

Development Urban Planning Spatial Planning

Livadeia General Urban Plan

Livadeia, capital of the Boeotia Prefecture is an agricultural service city (Kopais) which also accommodates food processing facilities, is an important town, facing interesting challenges. The General Urban Plan was focused on the developmental role of the city, the update of its relation with the neighbouring settlements, the environmental protection and the sound management of natural resources. Moreover, cultural resources, social & technical infrastructure and the enforcement of productive activities were carefully examined and proposed for enhancement, where applicable.

The proposed urban redevelopments were mainly associated with the city centre and the Erkyna banks (river crossing the city), the land use revision in dysfunctional areas and the establishment of well-organised productive activities. Furthermore, the city's and wider region's tourism development was proposed to be promoted by taking into account the winter tourism activities of Parnassos mountain and its neighbouring traditional villages. Almost all of the proposals were legislated in 2013, FEK AAP 366 - 18.10.2013 (Greek Government Gazette)..