Employer: National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A.

National Cadastre

The company undertook three Land Registry (National Cadastre) projects in the following areas:

• Megala Kalyvia & St. Kyriaki, Trikala Prefecture

• Olympias, Perdicca, St. Christophoros, Kozani Prefecture, Filotas, Baltonera, Florina Prefecture

• Kifisia, Ekali, Drosia, Nea Erythraia, Penteli & Nea Penteli, St. Stephanos, Phodopolis, Anthousa, Anoixi, Marathon, Nea Makri, Pallini, Pikermi, Rafina and Stamata, Attica Prefecture

These studies aimed to collect and register all rights in rem and their exact location. In order for them to be manageable, they were registered in a G.I.S.