Employer: Salfo & Associates S.A.

Development Urban Planning Spatial Planning

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs of Saudi Arabia (MoMRA: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs) assigned in early 2018, the Greek firm ''SALFO'' to deliver an ambitious and challenging project which aimed to upgrade the productive role of small and medium sized cities throughout the Kingdom. Theorema S.A. in co-operation with ASPA S.A. were in charge of the spatial and urban planning processes of the project. Moreover, the two Companies chose the 32 small and medium sized representative cities, linked their potential development to International experience, analysed the demographic, productive, spatial and urban characteristics of every city and structured 32 comprehensive development plans, one for each city and its respective surrounding region. Every one of the 32 plans was evaluated in order to estimate the expected impact on the Economy, Society, Environment etc. All the above contributed to the composition of a comprehensive set of directions, projects and policies that can be applied to the small and medium sized cities of the whole Kingdom. The project was highly-demanding in terms of consistency, quality, on-the-spot investigation, international consultation and time. It lasted for 10 months, it was timely delivered and praised by the Saudi respective authorities.