Employer: G.N.T.O.

Development Spatial Planning


The study aimed to determine the Tourism Development Strategy for Northern Aegean based on sustainable development.
During phase-one of the study, the following tourism potential elements were analysed:

  • Evaluation of extant tourism resources
  • Evaluation of the tourism product’s composition
  • Advantages & weaknesses analysis of the current model.
  • Upgrade and Promotion of the Region’s tourism potential.

During phase-two, the main proposals for the future strategy of tourism development took place based on:

  • Strategy Determination
  • Προσδιορισμός προτεραιοτήτων και αξόνων παρέμβασης των δημοσίων φορέων
  • Private sector activation and public-private sector co-operation prerequisites
  • Composition of action plan, with cost estimation,timeline, implementation authorities and impact assessment.